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Agenda : General Elections 2029: Re-evaluating Gandhian Republicanism and Savarkar's Hindutva in the context of the title "Father of the Nation"


The F-AIPPM of DMUN 2024 unfolds on the eve of the 2029 general election, spotlighting a showdown between BJP’s Yogi Adityanath, rebounding from a political setback, and Rahul Gandhi, leading a revitalized INDIA alliance. With Modi's retirement imminent due to declining health, this election will test if BJP's strength lies solely in Modi or if the party transcends him.

Meanwhile, political heavyweights like Suresh Gopi, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, and Sharad Pawar navigate their unique challenges. Amidst terrorist attacks, paper leaks, and infrastructural growth, the ideological battle between Nehruvian Republicanism and Radical Hindutva intensifies. The future of Indian politics hinges on your decisions. Who will you elevate? Who will you oust? The fate of the nation awaits your verdict.

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