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Regaining Territorial Stability in the Iroquois Tribal Region of the Great Lakes


Franco - Iroquois War Cabinet

“Your fyre shall burn no more.”

The Haudenosaunee have exhausted the Beaver population and are looking for new territories to conquer. The lush St. Lawrence valley provides just that. With the Dutch as their backbone, will the Iroqouians vanquish the Huronians? Will the fire of the fearsome French extinguish? Will you, the delegates, bathe the five lakes in blood or the elixir of peace? May your heart be cold and your revenge colder. We welcome you to the Franco-Iroquois War Cabinet (a Continuous Crisis Committee), where vehemence knows no bounds. May the odds be forever in your favour!


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Ananya Khare


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Aurek Mitra

Assistant Director

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Shrey Gupta


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