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Agenda: Fall of the Qing Empire

(Freeze Date: 10th October 1911)

Imperial War Room


The province of Wuchang is awakened to blaring noises of gunfire. An insurrection has begun. From the hills of Hubeito the capital city, feudal lords and war regiments ally against a dictator, whose lust for territorial expansion and individual sovereignty may lead to the deposition of over 2000 years of monarchial rule under the Qing Dynasty.


With an incoming threat of an invasion of Manchuria from external separatists and resistance leaders, to an armed Han-civilian revolt crippling the Empire-state to the verge of dissolution, how much assistance can the Imperial Army andits military commanders really get? Only time will tell whether Wuchang, and the rest of the provinces roped into the Xinhai rebellion see the light of day. For now, it's best that you remember three very simple letters:




Confused? Walk into the Imperial War Room and you'll find out...

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