Indian AdHoc

Historic Indian AdHoc Committee

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.


For the first time in Independent Indian history, the Congress has fallen! The State of Emergency that persisted as a grey cloud over the Indian people opened their eyes to the truth of the Indian National Congress. They want to move past the economic, social and legal pain they have experienced in the last 21 months. Moving valiantly past the pieces of the INC’s broken legacy rises the Janata Party - a people’s party of dissenting factions. They have won the elections of 1977, hurrah for them! But do they have what it takes to address the problems of the bloody battleground of post-emergency India? 

DMUN ‘21 presents The Historical Indian Ad Hoc Committee, frozen in 1977, to discuss a turbulent time of Indian history.

Discussing the implications of the Emergency and actions taken under it.