If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to your species to think about the other 99%.

Irrespective of gender, race, religion- stripped down, we are the same. The partitions of privilege that has seeped up between us can only be tackled by a humanitarian force. A force that reminds us that all of us are family.

Deens Academy is very proud to announce that a portion of the registration fees will be donated towards a philanthropic cause. As an organisation, we’ve always strived to teach our children what matters most: a life lived not only for oneself but dedicated to the upliftment of everyone around you too. 

DMUN manages to garner widespread attention every year, and this year, along with the support of participating students we wish to make a difference to communities beyond. The organisation we will be supporting is Vedan. 

Vedan is an organization which aims to to build a civilization in which every citizen of this country enjoys holistic health and wellbeing and get easy access to all basic rudiments of life so that they can contribute fairly to the development of society and country. Their is mission is to make people realize the root cause of the social problem & work towards the permanent solution in the field of Health, Education and Environment.


With your help, we can make DMUN'21 a grand success- not just for the organisers or the participants, but for those who really need a bout of sunshine in their lives.




CreO is an organisation that aims to create an ecosystem for the youth of today to become the change makers of tomorrow.
CreO grooms students with business ideas from India and USA. These ideas are then reviewed by industry experts, professors and embellished business people. Teams are given a preferential system to choose from CreO’s set of mentors. Once the ideas are reviewed, they are pitched before a panel of eminent investors, where the teams stand a chance to receive seed funding up to USD 1000! DMUN'21 is proud to announce CreO as our event co-sponsor!