The future of peace that we seek for all the worlds people needs a foundation of tolerance, security, equality and justice. 

The Security Council is necessary for the maintenance of international peace and security. With the world facing multifaceted issues, it aims to act collaboratively to create new solutions that strengthen its framework and uphold international peace and security. 
Don’t we all wish that we could change some part of our past? Contemplate about the number of complications and controversies that have arisen in a world of many races, religions, genders and people. Humanity has overcome a myriad of issues in different countries and varying time periods. 
Imagine if we, the future generations, could provide solutions to historic conflicts that may have never been seen before. 
And for this very purpose; to provide you with the right to a different perspective, the power to change the past, we present to you, the Historic Security Council. As the Member States do you think you can alter the future for the peace and prosperity of the people? 

Agenda: Aftermath of the Iraqi invasion (Freeze date: 8th May 2003)

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