United Nations Historical Security Council

De-escalation of the Vietnam Conflict(1965)


In crisis management, be quick with the facts and slow with the blame. 

Vietnam in the 1960s was not the best place to hang out. The country was strife with struggle, instability and war. However, communism was quickly spreading through Vietnam. By the domino theory, the USA faced the threat of it unfurling to the rest of Asia. In an attempt to “save the world”, the US military arrived in Vietnam. 
We are frozen in time. The Americans have taken their first step, and now… Now, the future is in your hands. The militia is prepared to burn and blow their way to a better tomorrow. However, the power to decide what happens lies with you. How will the world remember Vietnam? What is its story?
DMUN ‘21 presents to you, the Historic Security Council, ready to change the world again.