About DMUN

“There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.” 

This Machiavellian ideology still resonates in all corners of the world. It’s no secret that chaos and turmoil are almost routine in the global geopolitical landscape. 

In perhaps one of the most deprived corners of the world, men, women and children being impoverished to the brink of extinction in Yemen . We live in truly entropic times, times of need, times of change.

But there’s a refrain, a notion even, of hope. 

Even in times of a literal pandemic, humanity connects, grows and even thrives against all odds, all with innovation. This philosophy is what lies at the heart of DMUN. Ever since DMUN’18, our first edition of the conference, we’ve maintained the belief that pragmatism, creativity and solutions trump procedure. DMUN’s Motto “The MUN with a difference” isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s the epicentre of how we visualise Model UN here at Deens. And just like the past 3 years, the committees we’ve decided to have delegates indulge in for our Fourth Conference, aren’t in any way the status quo. It’s no surprise that with our Fourth Conference, we’re back, bigger and better, ready to have you experience a truly novel MUN. We hope as always to provide the delegates with a truly enjoyable experience as we have before, with the continued aid and support from Deens faculty and the Organising Committee. So prepare yourselves and mark the dates, we look forward to hosting each one of you on the 14th and 15th of August.