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All India Political Party Meet

Discourse on reforms regarding expression of dissent in Parliament


In the realm of Indian politics, the fervent debate surrounding reforms on the expression of dissent in the hallowed halls of Parliament has ignited a passionate discourse, seizing the attention of both pundits and the public alike. As the very heartbeat of democracy, the Indian Parliament serves as a captivating arena where elected representatives wield their voices like swords, fearlessly articulating their convictions and raising the banners of their concerns.

Recent incidents of disruptions and misconduct have raised concerns about the need for reforms. How can regulations be implemented to maintain decorum while preserving the democratic right to express dissent? What role should the Speaker play in ensuring impartiality and effective governance during debates? All these raise vital questions about balancing democratic expression with effective governance but theres one question above all else. How much does free speech truly cost?


Welcome to the All India Political Parties Meet


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Vansh Abrol


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Vice Chairperson

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Arnav Naik


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