“The greatest nations are defined by how they treat their weakest inhabitants.”


Thousands of citizens find themselves approaching the point of starvation, huddled together under the scorching sun, and meet their fate at the railway tracks. As atrocious as it may sound, it paints a bleak but accurate picture of the condition migrant workers find themselves in today. Meanwhile, the already looming recession has been exacerbated by the deep scars that the pandemic has left upon the economy. With India facing its worst economic slump since 1991, citizens find themselves grappling to make ends meet.

In a situation where every citizen of India is consumed by anxiety, uncertainty and hesitation, in the most deplorable of conditions, and the country facing its worst economic slowdown in last two decades; the All India Political Parties Meet provides a platform for unrestrained political debate and discussion, a forum to expiate the past, deliberate on the pressing issues of today and create a substantial foundation for the future. Do you believe you have what it takes to undo the magnanimous repercussions our country has faced till date?


Agenda: Provisions for Migrant Labourers and Economic Reform Policies in Light of the Ongoing Pandemic

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