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United Nations Security Council:

Battle of the Paracel Islands
Freeze Date: January 10th,1974

You can see red along the eastmost beach of Duncan Islands. Is it blood? No, it isn’t blood, not Vietnamese blood, at least not yet. Long gone are the days of Le Loi and the Magical Sword, the only sword that survives is the chinese one against the vietcong neck. Delegates, no president Johnson comes to save you this time. No prayers to Guanyin render your martyrs alive. Dien Bien Phu is survived only by its ash, and you, by your shame and repent. O child of the great Văn Lang, does your blood not boil with the fever of revenge? The sea might be blue today, but the advancing red sails will turn it crimson by eventide. Delegates, act fast, ere your skin grows pale and your ao dai carmine.


Delegates, welcome to the United Nations Security Council, where your opinion should be strong, but your military stronger. A country far east may be in peril today, but it could be yours tomorrow. So keep your sails unfurled and your M1 carbines loaded. May the odds be ever in your favour


Aurek Co-Chair_edited.jpg

Aurek Mitra

Co Chairperson

Copy of VICE CHAIR RISHIT_edited.jpg

Rishit Chakravarty

Co Chairperson

Advaith Moderator_edited.jpg

Advaith Sreehari


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