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Historical United Nation Environmental Program


Discussing a worldwide climate protocol (Rio Conference) 

Freeze Date: June 3rd, 1992

Climate change, desertification and biodiversity loss are three heavily interlinked issues that pose existential challenges to humanity. “The Rio Convention” was founded by the governments of 179 countries in response to these challenges at the 1992 Earth Summit. Its primary objective is to design a broad agenda and a new plan to help guide developmental policies and encourage international cooperation in the 21st century by making a new plan for international actions to be taken on developmental and environmental issues. 

The Historical United Nations Environment Programme, an unconventional, historical General Assembly, with an accelerated, shifting timeline, where delegate actions reflect in the real world, all the while maintaining the mandate of a traditional General Assembly. With the ever increasing rise of environmental degradation, Do you delegates believe that the committee's actions will lead to a utopia or the inevitable downfall of the human race? Is there a glimmer of hope or only the shadows of darkness? The ball is in your court delegates. Welcome to the Historical United Nations Environment Programme.



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Samiksha VB


Aditya Co-Chairperson _edited.jpg

Aditya Rao


Perarasi Moderator _edited.jpg

Perarasi Ganesh


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