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WIPO (Junior Committee)

World Intellectual Property Organisation 

Discussing reforms in global data policy with special reference to informational privacy




Social media over the past two decades has not only built communities, it has built societies, it has built people, it has built you. How does an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars have platforms that are majorly free? Who is really paying the price?

The threats posed by data theft and informational privacy have been neglected by the world at large. The million-dollar industry still thrives while governments and people alike simply turn a blind eye. 

The development of cutting-edge technological reforms in the data space coupled with unclear privacy legislation gives rise to a deadly combination that can spell great disaster for the information ecosystem. The ultimate question arises, is privacy sacred or just a commodity that can be bought and sold?

Welcome to the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Rohan Hrishiraj


Yashaswi Kuridi

Vice Chairperson

Saaliha Bilal


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