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Marseille High Table

Continuous Crisis Committee


Deliberating the France based global drug network

(the French Connection)

Freeze Date: 25th October,1957


The sky against a dying man is not a blue one, at least not the one against a US General in Vietnam fighting against the clutches of a heroin overdose. No mourning widow bellows in grief when a hitman is hit. A gunshot wound in a barber shop is an ungraceful death, or as author Selwyn Raab would put it, "the vivid image of a helpless victim swathed in white towels was stamped in the public memory". 

Fresh out of the second world war, France is falling prey to the communists. How'd a Frenchman combat the tankies? With a drug war, ofcourse. Delegates, do you let your men fall to the syringe or the sickle? Pick your poison, and wisely at that, for either way, they're dead, and so are you.



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Ananya Khare


Shrey Gupta

Assistant Director

Krishna Nair

Assistant Director

Aravind Hariharan


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