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Agenda: Reviewing Challenges Faced by Whistleblowers and the Need for Protective Measures

Political cartoons and illustrations are an important way to spread opinions and depict situations that help transfer a message to the readers in an entertaining way. And therefore, it is important to have a unique press committee that is different from normal report-writing- a committee dedicated to art.

The International Design and Media Symposium (IDMS) is a unique committee tying together geopolitics and diplomacy with art. This committee focuses on how delegates will use humour, satire and irony effectively to express their political opinions. 


The delegates will impersonate cartoonists that they are allotted and will cover events happening in the committees they are assigned to with the help of visual media. 


This could include the following: caricatures, newspaper clippings, comic strips, or pocket cartoons. Using a combination of the aforementioned media pieces, delegates will paint an overview of the events of the committee they are covering.


So, delegates, turn up your creativity, sharpen your pencils, and get ready for this one-of-a-kind committee!

Note: This committee is a subsidiary to the International Press Corps

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