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Agenda: Reviewing Challenges Faced by Whistleblowers and the Need for Protective Measures

Julian Assange. David McBride. John Barnett, Joshua Dean. These are widely known whistleblowers who have come out – against all odds – with information that was classified, hidden from the public and information that they deserved to know. They risked their lives – even losing them in the process – to show the public the truths that the government and private corporations endeavour to hold secret.


As representatives of the free press and media, you will consider the importance of whistleblowers and measures for their protection. The threats to them are significant, whether physical or mental and with the growing secrecy pervading the world's inner circles, these threats only grow. To find a solution at this juncture is not only a matter of public deliberation but also a matter of life and death. Delegates, we leave the future of the free press in your hands!

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