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International Press Corps

Extent of freedom of Expression and Media in Light of the Wikileaks Experiences


For the first time at The Deens Academy Model United Nations, a committee that deals with media and media rights, the International Press Corps is an exhilarating committee that transcends conventional ideas of MUN procedure. 

With a completely unique set of RoP, objectives and mandate, the IPC engages participants to act as representatives of media agencies across the world and write thrilling articles, papers and reports, conduct interviews and press conferences and much more while also discussing their own committee agenda, "Freedom of press and media in light of the Wikileaks crisis" 

We are not confined to a room. We are free. Just as the press should be.


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Rajath Menon

Head of Press

Assistant Director - Shristi Sreeram.JPG

Srishti Sreeram

Assistant Head of Press

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