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Agenda: Combating the Weaponisation of diplomatic and economic influence ruining global stability in current times with special emphasis on the Israel Palestine Conflict

The concept of soft power, using cultural influence and diplomacy for goals, faces serious threats to global stability. A myriad of strategies like social media manipulation, historical distortion, cultural dominance, and cyberwarfare reshape public opinion, sow discord, and erode trust. This weaponization of influence tied to politics undermines cooperation and fuels conflict.

As instability grows, diplomacy weakens, international law falters, and extremism rises.


In this critical moment, SPECPOL is determined to confront these challenges. Join us as we address urgent issues with innovative solutions, fostering collaboration for a lasting impact. The future of global harmony depends on our actions today. Prepare to initiate change, encourage meaningful discussion, and work towards a safer, unified world. This is where the journey begins. Godspeed!

Note: This will be a junior committee

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