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Agenda: Addressing the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The heart of Africa trembles with relentless conflict. Each day in the Democratic Republic of Congo begins with the harrowing sounds of gunfire and cries for peace. From Kivu's jungles to Kinshasa's streets, armed factions and rogue militias challenge a government struggling to control its vast, resource-rich territory. Rival factions, fueled by immense mineral wealth, wage brutal wars for power.

The Congolese government, plagued by corruption and inefficiency, battles internal insurgencies and external threats. The civilian population endures unimaginable suffering as villages are razed, families torn apart, and communities displaced. As the conflict escalates, the international community watches with growing alarm, fearing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Only time will reveal if the provinces embroiled in this conflict can weather the storm.

Note: This will be a double delegation committee

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