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20-21 AUGUST, 2022

Letter from the Secretary-General 

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“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” - John Keating, Dead Poets’ Society

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,
It brings me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Fifth Edition of Deens Academy’s Model United Nations Conference, DMUN - The MUN with a difference, set to be held on the 20th and 21st of August, 2022. 

As a timid but excited 8th grader, I remember stepping into my first ever committee at a Model UN conference and it fascinates me how the experiences and those that followed, have gradually shaped me into who I am today. Remembering and honouring my mentors, the people who’ve excelled in this circuit, is of utmost importance to me and I wish to give back to the same circuit that nurtured and honed my skills. It only seems right that another kid who steps into their first MUN tomorrow is given the opportunity to blossom into a remarkable orator. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of ups and downs at conferences and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes but it's these experiences in totality that make a conference memorable, that made me look back and reflect on the decisions I took then. 

Standing proud, the 7 Committees at DMUN this year play on highly nuanced aspects of world politics and issues. First off, we have the Historic All India Political Parties Meet, meeting after the failure of the Simla Conference, set to determine the future of India. We then have the International Labour Organisation, a rather rare committee to be seen in the Bangalore circuit, connecting the aspects of technology and unemployment, to provide a platform for young and budding MUNners. The World Trade Organisation, up next, will be discussing the Russo-Ukrainian War and its effects on world trade. Up fourth, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime will be rather unconventional, having the presence of not only countries, not only cartels but also corporations. The Historic Security Council follows closely, diving into the history of Chechnya and attempting to rewrite it, quite literally. We then have the Franco-Iroquois War Cabinet, a committee I can guarantee has never been seen before, delving into every aspect of the Beaver Wars. Lastly, we bring to you, the International Press Corps, focusing on freedom of press and media with reporters who will keep you on your toes. With these 7 magnificent committees, and an even more impressive Executive Board, I present to you the elements that make DMUN what it is and will be. 

As for you delegates, never hold back. The most innovative ideas, solutions and suggestions are usually those that are held back. Voice out your opinions and your concerns, for this serves to be a novel platform for you to do so. From feminism to poverty, climate change to war and conflicts, DMUN has and will be that conference to cover all its bases. Let this be a conference where you hit a home run. Conferences of this sort may seem trivial at face value, but their importance and relevance is often undermined. We have students as young as 11 and 12 year olds enthusiastically debating about climate change, gender politics, poverty and other such global challenges that dramatically raise the level of awareness amongst the public. We at DMUN wish to break away from the supposedly set-in-stone norms of conferences in the circuit and provide you with an impactful experience, one that can bring about actual change. Above all, have fun and forge long-lasting relationships with others in the circuit.

With that, I wish you all good luck and I look forward to meeting each one of you in-person this year. To a memorable conference this year.

Warmest Regards, 
Kruthika Senthil Kumar
Secretary General 
DMUN ‘22

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