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Already over, it was a lot of fun, better luck next year

Letter from the Secretary-General 

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors, it brings me tremendous joy to welcome all of you back to the Sixth edition of the Deens Model United Nations Conference, DMUN set to be held on the 5th and 6th of August this year. Before examining the list of committees in store for this year

I would like to take a moment to highlight the ethos of DMUN which presents itself very aptly in the phrase "The MUN with a Difference". Not only do we ensure that our committees and agendas are unique, we also guarantee that the topics are ones that will deeply resonate with the delegates far beyond these two days. Here at DMUN, that's what we strive for, a conference that lasts. Ever since the inception of my MUN journey nearly 4 years ago, I made it a point to ensure I learn something new

with every single conference that I attend. The main objective that I believe should be at the core of all MUN conferences is humanity.

Across conferences and across committees, real world issues are being discussed which impact real people and determine the fabric of their lives. Therefore at DMUN, the agendas and committees themselves are deeply personal, where we are able to enter the shoes of people all around the world and empathise with them, thereby making us better leaders and more importantly better people. Standing proud the 7 committees of DMUN each have their own stories to tell. First off we have the Historical UNEP, an unconventional GA meeting over 30 years ago during the Rio Conference, set to determine the future of the world. Up next, we have the Historic Security Council which finds itself in the midst of a small conflict on the Paracel islands with huge consequences that could change the course of the world as we know it. Then we have the AIPPM headlining the debate on dissent and parliamentary reforms, a crucial topic in Indian polity today and one that is sure to spark controversy. Up fourth, the European Commission will be covering a defining event of the 20th century, the Fall of the Iron Curtain, from a truly unique perspective, as it progresses through time. Next we have the WIPO for our budding debaters which combines the aspects of privacy and social media allowing for thrilling debate in a way that really lets the young delegates learn and shine.

Then we have the Continuous Crisis Committee which remains dynamic yet grounded through a classified agenda that will be revealed shortly Lastly, we have the International Press Corps focusing on the spread of fake news with reporters who will certainly keep you on your toes. These 7 magnificent committees, coupled with an even more spectacular Executive Board are the building blocks that make DMUN what it is. As for you delegates, remember that every single one of you still remains the most important part of this conference and the debate generated in these rooms will have a lasting impact. Remember, the most important thing is to never hold back. Ideas are made to be shared, discussed and deliberated on and through shared ideas we can truly change the world. With that, I'm certain of the potential that lies within all of you and therefore I wish you all the very best. To memories, learning and an amazing conference this year. To DMUN!


Warmest Regards

Mrigank Jain

Secretary General DMUN'23

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