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August 14-15


Letter from the Secretary-General :

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It’s with immense pleasure and honour that I, Kushal Mital, your Secretary-General for the Fourth Edition of Deens Academy Model United Nations, welcome you to DMUN’21 to be held on 14th and 15th of August, 2021.


As always, DMUN, the MUN with a difference, won’t be hinging on the status quo. We'll be providing you with 6 innovative, exciting and nerve wracking committees along with the truly special International Press Corps. First off, we bring to you the Historical Security Council with a chance to rehash mistakes of the past and have it in a specialised timeline. Then comes the British War Cabinet, a singularly novel forum, taking a rather unconventional stance on East Asian Political History. The SOCHUM, not a mere General Assembly, but one with a multi-faceted agenda that is pertinent, relevant and defining in many ways, to humankind, falls next in line. The Continuous Crisis Committee, termed here as the Malayan Resistance Cabinet will offer you with everything but redundancy, with a classified agenda tailored to keep delegates on their feet and their hearts racing. You’d be remiss to skip out on the Indian AdHoc Committee - a must have in conferences today, set in the aftermath of one of the most controversial points in India's contemporary political past. This is a committee that you will not be able to forget. We take pride in announcing that we have an exclusive Junior Committee for grades 6-8 in the form of the UNCSW for the first time ever at DMUN and hope to help a generation of budding MUNners engage in groundbreaking debates. Last but not the least we have the IPC, ready to have a fiery press session in each committee. 


Your Secretariat too is nothing short of novel. While they certainly don’t fall short in terms of experience (with over 60 MUNs of EB experience between them), they are the reflection of how DMUN strives to provide an experience quite different to that of a traditional Circuit Conference and we believe their approach will represent the same. Whether you’re a seasoned MUNner, hoping to make your mark on this conference as you have before, or an absolute newcomer, we hope DMUN is different. As for advice, the best I can give you with my tenure in the circuit is to have fun, be bold and exceed your limits. Whether it's gaining the courage to raise your voice in committee even though you fear your research isn’t enough or it’s your decision to make a 250 page Treaty at the most chaotic time, take the leap. If nothing else, you’ll feel better off knowing you gave it your all and it might just make the MUN more worthwhile.


In these entropic times, where change seems to be the only constant, I hope DMUN can act as a channel for conducive and invigorating debate, with exciting committee experiences, solutions you never thought you’d bring up or learn about and above all else, extreme fun and the opportunity to meet fellow delegates to allow you to establish relations that will last years to come. Be trailblazers. Be avid and active. Be the one to make the most illogical mistakes but most importantly, be there and be bold.


Looking Forward to hosting each and every one of you,  

Kushal Mital

Secretary General 


“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.”- Niccolò Machiavelli